Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Swedish Jizz/reverse Jizz

Yummy, salty, jizz-like substance in a tube served on a rough wheat cracker. Christina says "Thank you, jizz again, please!" Pukey says "I need a shot to wash down that pink catfood smelling spooge-like substance with a shot of vodka. Or two!"

Excellent cowbell-like instrument to add the jizz-inducing opening to Shout Out Louds hits like "Impossible." Christina says "No thank you" to the gin shot poured into the smaller of the 2 containers. Pukey says "Oh silly Carl, I will shoot gin with you and your adorable little boy face."

We'll let the loyal TIJA readers guess who is Jizzin' and who is Reverse jizzin' on the other's car.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jizz Lekman - it was inevitable...

I'm pretty sure everyone in the world is saying "i heart Jens" right about now, but oh my holy jizzness, i just can't stop! If i could make "Simply Irresistible" play when this page pops up, I would.

Jens and I had an encounter last week. That's all I can say about that. swoon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My dogs are Jizzin'

Gellin', or Jizzin' as we here at TIJA like to say, is as important to the success of a rock show as good sound and hot dudes! Take those tired hounds to the nearest drug store, and those hipster shoes won't cause lame hipster frowns!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crispy Fried Jizz

A picture of fried guacomole is worth a pound of jizz.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All I wanna do is skeet skeet skeet & take your money!

I can't stop listening to this M.I.A. song! It's so catchy and shockingly hilarious. See her perform the cap gun version on Letterman below, but visit your local music store for the album version!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Friends and lovers,
Noodle D has got some jizz to talk about. I think I might even blow my load not 1, not 2, but 3 times today.
So if Pukey B can jizz about some australians, I think I can jizz about this handsome fellow.

Mr. Bill Callahan played to a very excited crowd in Los Angeles for nearly 2 hours! And his crazy leg dances make one wonder if he himself may just be on the verge of a jizz himself! The New Album is a golden piece of the new Americana but I nearly spooied myself when he played 'River Guard' and then it really did run down my leg..... when he played 'Cold Blooded Old Times'.

Mr. Callahan, I salute you.
Skeet skeet!

Next Jizz:
Remember these old things?

Old, smelly, full of people's unwashed hand spunk and goo, but fun as hell!
Bring extra socks kids!
I haven't rollerskated since I was barely a wet spot myself. There was the dice game, the worst hot dog I've ever had, a slurpee, and of course the Hokey Pokey! I had so much fun my mess had to be contained - as to prevent slipping, of course. Whether you 8 or 80, blind, crippled, or crazy - you too can jizz on the rink.

Final jizz:
Noodle has been watching a lot of Utube lately.
Try this for me: Type in the word "Shredding" and you may just come up with something like this...

I really haven't decided if this should be a reverse jizz or not. I mean, these licks are Scalding but for god sakes, two guitars? Seriously, if what happens at about 4:40 doesn't make some sort of liquid come out of your it again.
There are hundreds upon hundreds of dudes spreading their finger tapping dirtiness around.
This stuff is ridiculous and may be a violation of homeland security, or atleast guilty of lude and jizzy behavior.

Goodbye for now and jizz well.
Skeet skeet!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

the lucksmiths, austrialian jizz

ok, i swear TIJA is not going to turn into a "jizz on indie rock dudes" blog! but these guys are crazy awesome. cute front-dude drummer who also dances like calvin johnson, but in a less creepy way? YES.

the Mind Whip tour that The Ladybug Transistor has been playing on was so much fun in a weird/awkward "maybe this was a private party?" kind of way. but watching people dance all crazy to bands that you never thought people danced to (with the exception of still flyin') makes for a jizz-worthy experience.

The Lucksmiths site.