Monday, October 27, 2008

Jizz Marathon

CMJ was extremely jizz-worthy and we rose to the occasion. Many late booze-filled nights that turned into epic jizz sessions. Much love to our West Coast jizz-meister, Baby boy aka Thad aka Noodle D aka Morseth aka fearless protector.

TIJA BFF, Julia and Lindsey doing skeletal gymnastics. A little bit higher, ladies!

Kronic and I saluting our mad party-throwing skillz with a confusing hand gesture.

Man love making new friends!

"Thad" from Vampire Weekend. He discovered African influence, you know? And some frat dudes really believed him and wanted their picture taken with him.

Matt Lemay, Christine & I rocking the stripes - it's like one of those pictures where if you look hard enough, you can see JIZZ.

photo by Jonny Leather
Julian from The Music Tapes playing the drums with a bouncy ball while singing about how there should be no more parents. YES!

Last but not least - 7 Foot Tall Metronome in action! Can you feel the jizz tonight?

See you next year, CMJ! TIJA showcase? You never know!

CMJ bingo

Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Cab in a jizz-filled black cab

In honor of Noodle D coming to CMJ this year, here's a special little video:

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Can I get you a towel for all that jizz?"

LA appreciation week concludes with a salute to the crew of Desperate Housewives! All completely sweet and accommodating to two mere hangers-on. I cannot say thank you enough! I will cherish my "Desperate Housewives" bottle of water and my official Warner Bros. visitor's parking pass forever!

Pour one out and cheer when you see Paul Bullock's name as writer on November 2nd's DH episode!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gardens of Jizzco

No menus, hard to understand waiters, and delicious margaritas! LA Jizz week continues with a skeet directed at our favorite meal of the trip! Cream sauce on my salmon, indeed!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Top Down Jizz

LA Appreciation week continues to a mighty jizz hard top salute to the Pontiac G6. We impressed valet drivers all over town, and felt the arid winds of Los Angeles fry our poor hair to the roots. We made Mulholland Drive our bitch and cruised from Venice Beach to Santal Monica. We made friends with the residents of "Boys Town" aka West Hollywood with our rousing rendition of "King of Wishful Thinking" at the top of our lungs at 2am. It really could have been a Pontiac commercial - we're still waiting on our 3 picture deal!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mecca Jizz

Chateau Marmont is a beautiful haven for celebrities who just want to eat a nice meal in peace. Hilary and I infiltrated the joint and jizzed at a patio full of the rich and famous while clearly setting ourselves apart from the VIPs as we tossed back cocktails and ate bread and cheese, carbs be damned! I could almost see Isla Fisher wiping the jizz off her shoes as she left, and Ben Stiller giving his righteous little booty a swipe to free himself of our avid jizz-filled stares.

O, Chateau Marmont . . . when we hit the big time, we will return!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Reverse-Jizz: Biters

Noodle D aka Baby Boy may not jizz often, but when he does, he makes a much bigger mess than Lindsey and I do! Who can forget the Jizz Kittens?

It's not nice to find nemeses, but when we do, we call them out!

Tiny Mix Tapes - consider yourself on notice!

Best Week Ever - yes, you made us giggle, and yes that baby deer made us jizz, but shame on you!

Noodle D aka Baby Boy, you remain # 1 in our hearts!


or is it Skeet-skeet-skeeter?!!

Look at this fine mutha'

I fell in love with this 'speeding motorcycle' a while back and I'm only just coming to terms with it now. I see them everywhere, and every time I do...I have to go back in the house and change my pants....

80-120 mpg AND it can hold 2! That's if we're both not slippin off the seat - if you know what I mean. I'd be unloading some 10w-30 viscosity of my own!

Can you imagine a little Noodle D weaving in and out of traffic on this beautiful beast?

Can I have one mama?! CAN I?!
Uh oh.... I should just wear a diaper looking at this thing.

Skeet skeet skeet!
Noodle D xoxo