Monday, August 28, 2006

Neko Case

So I know this is X-tina's girlfriend, but I totally jizz at Neko Case. ( I also apologize for the nipple shot, but how hott?!)
I got tickets to see her, again, at the Hollywood Bowl with none other than that pretty boy Ryan Adams and that pot smokin, tax evadin' felon Willie Nelson.
Marry me Neko! X-tina, I'll totally fight you.


christinamerge said...

Hot picture! From the looks of it, there is enough Neko for both of us! Whew!

wordnerdy said...

wow, that picture is crazy hot! where'd it come from?

Noodle D said...

Ok fine Christina, but I get the bottoms, and I want 'em off!
And to answer Alicia's query, it is the first google image that comes up under a search for her.