Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Morning MOJO on AM 620 "The Bull"

The "Bad-Assador" Tony Riggsbee
The "Latin Heat" Joe Ovies

I love the Morning MOJO - Jared and I listen every morning on the way to work. I like that they are nice to people they interview, and I find their commentary interesting even if I have no idea what they are talking about. Joe Ovies is my favorite, because he talks about celeb gossip sometimes. Tony Riggsbee is so cute, and he is the voice of the Bulls - plus, he always knows the old guy history of everything. There is another host, Morgan Patrick, but I don't really like him.

Just wait until Hockey Season again! They get me all fired up!


wordnerdy said...

"latin heat" indeed! yowza!


Noodle D said...

Christina, you just listen to sports radio cus you know girls can't even play sports. It's physically impossible.

christinamerge said...

My guns will break your spirit!