Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Indie pop rocks!

So late one drunken night into one sleepy morning I was introduced to this internet station SOMA FM through itunes. As I awoke I heard a Nicolai Dunger track I hadn't heard in years! I had to refrain from jizzing though as it was not my bed, scandalous I know.
Anyhow, this show Indie Pop Rocks! has pretty much every indie-pop band I could ever want to hear back to back. Skeet! Skeet skeet! Skeet! Skeet Skeet skeet skeet!
It's like someone jizzing in my ears.
Isn't it sweet, little noodle d is accepting internet radio!
Oh, and for my bleep blop musical needs, their Drone zone is pretty good too!

P.S I would like to mention a street near downtown LA that myself and several other jizzing citizens have labled as Jizz street.

right about there is any area that smells so overwhelmingly of jizz that it could drive a man never to want to jizz again. Please avoid this unfortunate piece of real estate in any ventures into or around LA.
I shall go forward with the jizz and let it flow all around me.
<3 Noodle


christinamerge said...

Skeeting and "smells like jizz" - welcome back, noodle D!

pukey b said...

what are the coordinates of Jizz Street? Have I been there?!

Noodle D said...

well pukey, the coordinates are located in highland park off of figeuroa on ave 53. I would tend to believe you have been there and might have something to do with the smell.....