Friday, January 26, 2007

Tubby kitty!

So I want to expand upon this large animal thing. I know this is old news, but this video of Goliath the cat reaffirmed it's jizz-worthy-ness.

Basically, this cat made me jizz so much I've formed a ball of jizz-yarn that our big boy can bat around, chase, and attack. I mean I'm talking linear feet and feet of liquid love for this lovable creature.

Also, I need to specially mention this fine establishment

This joint is locating "just 6 miles off the strip" in Vegas. They had everything! A bowling alley, the biggest gut bomb of a breakfast buffet ever, a huge room for horse race gambling, 80 year old women sitting on the same stool for 12 hours pulling the crank with one hand, and smoking with their oxygen tanks and social security checks both running on empty in the other. I'm not sure, but I think that to jizz at this place, I'm going to have to jizz out a mixture of Gin and Budweiser.
AND, I won 75 bux on blackjack. Skeet skeet skeet!

p.s Take the bottoms off

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christinamerge said...

I don't even think that cat is as fat as our cat, Henri! He definitely has bigger cheeks, though!

We should all go to Vegas together sometime. I think I must be really lucky!