Monday, May 07, 2007

Keg Beer

Alright, so this may seem incredibly sophomoric and frat boyish....but what's better than a big plastic glass full of frothy, bubbly love?
So we came back to Coochie Coochies apartment last night, only to find her neighbors were having a b-day party with a huuuge keg. I immediately started spotting and needed to cool myself down by pouring some ice cold liquid right into my gullet and down my throat. Nothing beats pumping on that handle until ounces and ounces of foamy jizz goodness comes skeetin' into your cup.

I'm suddenly embarassed with the amount of jizz I created over a simple barrel of barley pop but goddamit I love America!

I'd also like to extend a jizz hug to my two favourite mouths from the south, the ladies who jizz like I never could pray to do. I hear they were tangoing with our love/hate friend the Wild Turkey (whom one could argue is deserved of a jizz salute himself).

With that, my inner frat boy demons have been exercised.
Love, hugs, and jizz forever

Noodle D

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christinamerge said...

One could also argue that Kronic already jizzed via the vomit salute to our pal, Wild Turkey. Is there a greater mark of jizz-rageousness?