Monday, July 23, 2007

Thigh Ticklers / Prom Queen

Well, while crafting a new facial hair motif (sure to leave the ladies wet an wild as the crocodile mile),
I decided I ought to pay a jizz homage to our prom queen Pukey B who will be braving the hot as a crotch, sticky, depths of her kingdom for a year, alone...Athens.

My lady, I present you two new thigh ticklers to take with you while passing on the crown to the new queen. I'm so proud of you Pukey!

Teach those kids how to squirt all over their too tights jeans and too tiny, nut showing, shorts.
I'm sorry your king couldn't be there with you, I've got a bunch of sappy, sentimental spunk to unload on some would be marital bliss.

all my love,
Skeet skeet skeet skeet!

1 comment:

christinamerge said...

Aww! Take the bottoms off, Noodle! We miss you! Start planning the NYC Party!!!