Wednesday, April 25, 2007

La Fea Mas Bella

So this is a first for us. Never before have we jizzed bi-lingually!!

Through research I have found that Jizz in "spanish slang" is: Mecco

So, in regards to this post, I will say "Yo hago mecco por La Fea Mas Bella!"

This is the spanish channel novela version of Ugly Betty. Basically, Leti is the "fea" (ugly one) but is so pure in heart and character that all the hunky men on the show soon grow weak in the knees and "Hacen mecco para ella" (make jizz for her)

She is quite possibly the most awkward and at the same time adorable young lady on tv right now. Ofcourse, all of this is only possible when you've got your fluent and understanding girlfriend to translate the story line for you.

So tune into Univision and splash some love juice around. I think even this hunky Noodle has fallen for this mysteriosa.
But hurry up and watch. Unlike American soap operas, these shows actually end!

Jizz without and beyond borders or barriers. Jizz across the globe.
Yours truly,

Noodle D

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christinamerge said...

Now all we need is for Kronic to jizz in Italian!! US Ugly Betty is pretty awesome, too!