Monday, February 19, 2007

Gramercy Park Hotel

Jared and I celebrated our 4 yr anniversary in jizz-tastic style at the Gramercy Park Hotel! We drank overpriced jizz cocktails in the beautiful Rose Bar while gazing at slutty waitresses, Warhol art, and a gigantic fireplace.

The best part of the whole experience was the bed. A big, fluffy mountain of jizz.


Music Trivia Team said...

Wow, the bar looks totally different that when I was there pre-renovation in 2003. Back then there was a lot of faded velvet and everything had a worn feel about it. Shabby chic and whatnot. But maybe not so much chic. I'd love to visit there now and see how it's changed.

christinamerge said...

Yeah - now it is UBERChic! $20 cocktails and skinny blonde expressionless waitresses. It's a celeb hangout, but that comfy bed defeated my ability to go downstairs and gawk late night.