Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The Kronic and I are newly minted Carolina Hurricanes Hockey fans, as faithful jizz readers can tell you. We have been to quite a few games this season and The Kronic has even had her birthday celebrated on the jumbotron! We get scrappy when other teams get overzealous in their checking of our 'Canes. We would love to wait outside the RBC and take care of them, but are, alas too ladylike for such behavior.

We are especially protective of Eric Staal. He's young and cute and is terrible in that local TV commercial. We just jizz over his mad hockey skillz and his sad little attempts at facial hair.

So today, we offer the much-coveted Jizz "Power Play" Salute to Andrew Ladd! He solidified his place as an honorary "Staal-ker" last night by beating the crap out of that loser Hab who tried to hurt our boy!

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