Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So, at the risk of further being known as the "cat guy", I am going to blow my horn about these new furry jizz-pots.
It's a new breed of cat, a mix of some kind of house cat and a damn bengal tiger!
Toyger = Mini (toy) Tiger!!!! = I just spotted in my pants.
They start off like this....

Schwinggggggg! and..... jizz.

They end up like this

Skeet! there's now a stain on the ceiling.

This is the most amazing thing to happen to the domesticated cat world. This is every boys dream, their very own tiger!
And they love water! Unfortunately, if you get me one of these I might never jizz again- cus I'll go on such a jizzing binge, the likes of we've never seen before, I'll dry up, and someone will have to shampoo all the carpets and curtains.

I salute you toyger, and have officially made a mess of myself.

p.s. this new betablogger gets a scathing and scaulding anti-jizz. What a bunch of horse puckey!

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KoningPrint said...

Ok, i'm dutch and i believe the dutch to be kinda liberal and free-minded... I'm not absolutely sure what you mean by Jizz but if it is what i think it is,... then...

... in the case it's not and you are just really, really font off toygers then please go and enjoy my just updated website . If you want to post anything on that website(pics or story's) you can mail them directly to me at: .

Thanx for being so Toygerastic enthusiastic about Toygers.