Friday, February 09, 2007

King Cake!

Friend of the Jizz blog and Mardi Gras Queen, Kate T. sent us a delectable King Cake all the way from New Orleans! In addition to being a tasty, jizz-inducing snack, King Cakes allow those of us from Louisiana to lord our cultural superiority over all others. We like our boobs uncovered, our streets full of open containers and public urination, and our cakes baby-filled! Hey, Mister - show me your jizz!


Noodle D said...

I had a piece of this in my mouth the other day! I didn't know it well, but I can say we had a good time together....Yum!

Music Trivia Team said...

I hope Kate doesn't get murdered! Apparently, according to my sister, as soon as you walk in to New Orleans you have a VERY HIGH chance of being murdered! I'm glad she got that cake out unscathed!